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Our accomplishments have much been to the credit of our clients who have given us the opportunity to perform our duties with flexible solutions based on every client's unique needs.

Creating Systems and Infrastructure

This insurance company addressed payroll and human resources needs without straying away from their goal of driving top-line revenue growth. Dezillion was able to implement a solution to alleviate the company's burden of human resources and payroll duties, allowing them to focus on their expertise of providing exceptional insurance services.

Focus on Core Business

Private tutoring centers have a primary goal of educating students. One solution Dezillion provided to this tutoring center which propelled human resources solutions and help the center focus on their primary mission of educating students.

Dezillion developed a comprehensive human resources framework for an insurance company with multiple offices throughout the country; the company was interested in outsourcing its payroll and human resources duties. Dezillion provided top-quality PEO service, which resulted in their using additional Dezillion services after the relationship began.

Dezillion developed a customized human resources framework for this company, including a web-based integrated solution for payroll administration and human resources. The client was so impressed with Dezillion that when they needed help in the area of staffing, they turned to Dezillion's expertise once again.

Dezillion designed a comprehensive human resources and payroll program that allowed the customer to focus on its area of expertise without being distracted from performing its core job of providing insurance solutions to its clientele.

Tutoring centers face many challenges outside of their primary mission educating students. This particular tutoring center with multiple locations in different states, meant they had to maintain compliance laws in those states.

Another typical problem that educational facilities face is that of identifying and recruiting qualified employees. Our exceptional PEO services provided them with a cost-effective tool with which to overcome these challenges. We also looked after the responsibilities of human resources compliance, benefits, payroll, staffing and risk management. An off-site Oasis Outsourcing Service Team was created to manage the relationship on-site.

Eventually, this tutoring center enjoyed peace of mind with a satisfactory benefits package in place which included such as group health insurance, dental, vision, a flexible spending account and a 401(k) plan just to name a few.