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Corporate Help Desk Services

Are you looking for a corporate help desk service with guaranteed service levels? Are you at a stage where you need to focus on your core competency and want to benefit from reduced employee costs? Look no further, Dezillion's Corporate Help Desk service will give you all that, and more.

Allow Dezillion to be the first point of contact for your employees when it comes to handling technical issues, resolving problems and escalating issues. With a dedicated toll-free number, a web portal, one or more email addresses and chat services, available year-round, your business will highly benefit from reduced employee costs and easy-to-manage employee operations.

Dezillion provides a unique outsourcing team that works almost like your own team, except, from a different location. We work with your existing CRM, or provide a fully integrated phone, email and chat support CRM. We provide a dedicated toll free number for your customers to call and get their issues resolved in real time. Our team consists of Research Techs, Level 3 Techs, Level 2 Techs and Level 1 Techs. We have a brilliant Technical Support model called Zero Error Model which is built on Core Competence, Speed, and Quality.

Dezillion makes it easy for clients to provide an outstanding help desk solution for their employees with fixed cost pricing per workstation and per server. We provide top-tier desktop support to your traditional office employees, telecommuting employees and remote employees. Our zero-error real time premium technical support model has helped several companies increase efficiency, run operations 24/7 and cut support costs by a fraction of what they would have previously paid.

Let us help you identify your needs to build a corporate help desk solution that will delight your employees and allow you to focus on what you do best - your core competencies.